Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why We Get Ignored? (I)

Most of the people, including writers, journalists, teachers, historians, publishers, film & T.V. serial producers, and even Government bodies and politicians like to ignore Jains and Jainism. They do not like to speak and write anything about us and our religion.

What are the reasons behind this? Who are responsible for it?

Until now I had been thinking that it was happening because of their lack of knowledge about Jainism and some jealousy about Jains. But now I have realized that these two reasons are not the only or main reasons of ignorance. The major reasons are from Jain side for which Jains are solely responsible.

Now let me discuss about the first reason from Jain side. After your comments on it, I will mail other reasons by next mails.

The Number Counts!

In democracy, or in any other field, the number is very important. If we are in ignorable number, why should one care about us and our religion? Even the speakers in ‘All Religion Meet’ will not speak about Jainism if there is no Jain representative on stage or in the meet.

If we are less than 0.4% (Not even half a percent!), we can not expect from others to speak and write about our great religion.

Suppose we were 4% instead of 0.4% in the total population of India. The entire scenario would be like this:

Jain community will be a major political force of India. At least 40 MPs (Member of Parliament) and 5 -6 Ministers will be from our community. Nation can see a Jain President or a Jain Prime Minister. The Chief Ministers of many states, with many other ministers will be from Jain community.

This will affect all the things in entire India. No one will ignore us.

Further, there will be more writers, journalist, IAS and IPS officers, teachers, historians, publishers, film & T.V. serial producers from Jain community. This will give a lot of exposure to our religion.

Today many Jains behave like Hindus, but in above conditions Hindus will behave like Jains.

In such condition, Jainism will spread automatically. We can use our force for upliftment of downtrodden people. We can make millions of people vegetarians. We can minimize the number of slaughter houses. We can abolish poverty from India.

Is it possible?

But is it possible for us to be 4% in Indian population?

Yes, it is possible. We can grow in numbers, but only if we wish and work in that direction. We do not have to produce more children for it.

The only way is to convert others to Jainism. Lot of people wish to adopt Jainism, but we have closed our doors. We have to open them.

There is a community named Gounder in south India. They were Jains in Past. They know it and proud fully accept this. There number is over FIVE MILLIONS! (That is more than our population). And there are lot of such big communities who were Jains in past.

We will have to reconvert all the non Jains to Jainism, who were Jains in past and were forcefully converted to other religions.

What do you think?

M.S. Chavan

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  1. here are different way to look at it.
    According to my understanding Jainism never go and onvert people to Jainism. But at the same time, I do not think out doors are closed. Whoever want to be a Jain shravak can do so without any issue from jain community. Moreover jain community will welcome them warmly.

    Other way to look at this is as you mentioned more Jains today behave like they are Hindu. So we need to spread awareness amongst Jains to stick to their rituals. This can be done onlywith more knowledge based reasoning. Nowadays people do not follow rituals and rites and conducts just based on tradition. But if we spread awareness about reasoning behind tradition , it could make Jains, the real Jains.

    Finally I would like to say that your point about Gounder community is very interesting. Thanks for sharing it.


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