Monday, February 18, 2008

A.N. Chandrakeerthi secured six gold medals

Education is a continuous process for him

MYSORE: Age is not a barrier towards gaining knowledge. For 71-year-old A.N. Chandrakeerthi, education is a continuous process. As he said, "Knowledge has no limit".

Mr. Chandrakeerthi, who bagged six gold medals in M.A. Jainology and Prakrit, is not averse towards gaining knowledge even at this ripe age.

"I pursued Jainology and Prakrit to update my knowledge on Jainism. I wanted to be well-informed about Jain philosophy," said Mr. Chandrakeerthi, a retired director of Town Planning.

The audience at the packed Crawford Hall clapped continuously when Mr. Chandrakeerthi, who took admission to the university as a regular student after 10 years of retirement, went to receive the medals from the Vice-Chancellor.

When Mr. Chandrakeerthi learnt that there were plans to close down the Department of Jainology owing to the lack of students, he took the course as a challenge and to show that people were still keen to pursue such subjects.

Efforts paid off

"My efforts paid off. Seeing my achievement, the university should encourage more students to take up Jainology," he said Mr Chandrakeerthi, who has published several books on Jainology, plans to pursue doctoral study in the subject.

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