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Jaina E-Library Project Accomplishment....

Pravin Shah <> :

Jaina E-Library Project Accomplishment
Jain Ägam Granth Mälä Series of Late Muni Shri Punya Vijayji and Shri Jambu Vijayji

During my recent visit to India, I visited Muni Shri Jambu Vijayji (near Shankheswar Tirtha) and reviewed with him Jaina E-library project and showed him the two DVDs consisting of more than 600 e-books.  Most of the 600 books were scanned by the trust associated with Digambar Ächärya Shri Suvidhi Sägarji Mahäräj.  After the review, Muni Shri Jambuvijayji asked if Jaina is willing to create e-books of all the Ägam literature work that was pioneered under Late Muni Shri Punya Vijayji Mahäräj Säheb.  We agreed and made the arrangement to scan more than 20,000 pages of our ancient Jain literature prepared under the leadership of Late Muni Shri Punya Vijayji and then Muni Shri Jambu Vijayji Mahäräj Säheb.
Many learned scholars worked under the leadership of these two Munis in the compilation and publication of our most authentic literary treasure.  The partial list of such scholars are; Muni Shri Dharmachandvijay, Late Pundit Shri Bechardas Doshi, Late Pundit Shri Amrutlal Bhojak, Late Pundit Shri Dalsukh Malvania, Dr. Sagarmal Jain, Dr. Nagin Shah, Late Dr. Harivallabh Bhayani, Pundit Rupendra Pagariya, Pundit Suresh Sisodiya, Dr. V M Kulkarni, and Dr. Vasudevsharan Agrawal.
The complete Scholarly Works (listed at the end of this e-mail) of these two Munis were published under Jain Ägam Granth Mälä Series by Shri Mahävir Jain Vidyälaya - Mumbai, Shri Bhogilal Laherchand Institute-Delhi and other institutes.  Shri Pratapbhai Bhogilal of Mumbai already took the responsibility to collect all these books from various institutes and delivered them for scanning in Ahmedabad.
Both Munis Shri Punyavijayji and Shri Jambuvijayji have worked almost all their life in the compilation and publication of our ancient Jain Ägam literature.  The Education Committee of Jaina is very proud to announce that the project is now complete and all the books are now available in the form of E-Books on the Jaina website at the following temporary link:  There are 38 books consisting of more than 20,000 pages.  The pdf file size of most of the books is between 5.0 to 15.0 MB.  Hence please do not open the file on the website but first down-load the file (right click the file) on your local computer and then open it to view.$Punyavijayji_Jambuvijayji/
E-Library Website
Later on, the above 38 E-Books will be migrated from temporary folder to the following Jaina eLibrary website.  The E-Library website is operational and the pdf files of all 600+ books scanned by the trust of Digambar Ächärya Shri Sudhividhi Sagarji trust are available at this website.  However the website requires some modification before we can upload the new material.
Jaina E-Library Website =  (please do not type www in the front)
Visiting Other Ächäryas, Scholars, and Dignitaries
During my trip to India, I also visited Ächärya Shri Yugbhushana M.S. (Mumbai), Panyäs Shri Nandighosh Vijayji (Mumbai), Ächärya Shri Jayaghosh Suriji (Mumbai), Ächärya Shri Shilachandra M.S. (Ahmedabad), Muni Shri Bhuvanchandra Suriji of  Payachandagachha (Mandal), Ächärya Hemchandra Suriji (Abu), Muni Shri Ajay Sagarji M.S (Shri Mahavir Aradhana Kendra, Koba), Shri Atmanandaji (Shrimad Rajchandra Adhyatmik Kendra, Koba), Dr. Madhusudan Dhanky, Dr. Naginbhai Shah, Prof Dr. Bansidhar Bhatt, Dr. Bipinbhai Doshi, Dr. Kumarpal Desai, Dr. Purnimaben Mehta (Gujarat Vidyapeeth), and Shri Chandrakant Kadia.  Without any exception all of them have appreciated the effort initiated by the Jaina Education Committee and will provide full support to carry out our mission of E-Library project.
I also visited Sheth Shri Shrenikbhai Kasturbhai and reviewed the project with him.  He totally supported our e-library project as long as we restrict ourselves to scan the printed books.  He will help us to acquire any books we need for the e-library project.
Funding of Scanning Project
The entire e-Library project is funded through contribution.  Jaina does not collect any membership dues from the users of E-Library.  At present we spend more than $2000 per month for our E-Library related activities.  We have planned to spend $100,000 over the period of three years to create a good Jain E-Library.  This will provide a great resource center to academicians and other scholars, Päthashälä teachers, students and any other person interested in Jain religion.
Please support this important project financially which will protect, preserve and disseminate our literature to any individual or institute freely.  Since all Jaina education committee members pay their own administrative and traveling expenses, all your contribution is used in support of the eLibrary project.
Please send your contribution (tax deductible in USA) to:

                  Federation of Jaina – Education Committee
                  C/o – Pravin K. Shah
                  509 Carriage Woods Circle
                  Raleigh, NC 27607 USA
                  Tele – 919 859 4994
Scanning Work
In order to provide the highest quality of E-Books, the scanning work of all new books managed by the Jaina Education committee is done at 300 DPI.  Also every page of a book is scanned.  The complete scanning process is defined at the end of this e-mail.  This process is developed in cooperation with Shree Mahävir Jain Ärädhanä Kendra (Muni Shri Ajay Sägarji Mahäräj and Ketan Shah) – Kobä Ahmedabad.  Without the support of this institute we could not have made any progress in this project.  Hats off to Shree Mahävir Jain Ärädhanä Kendra, and in particular to Pujya Muni Shri Ajay Sägarji Mahäräj, Ketan Shah, Sudesh Shah, M/s Arihant Graphics Team and others.
We have also received all the literary work of Upädhyäy Shri Amarmuni (Guruji of Ächärya Shri  Chandanäji - Veeräyatan) to convert into E-books.  Mr. Rajeshbhai Shah ( of UK has send all E-Books of Pujya Shri Kanjiswami's (Songadha) literature to put on the Jaina website.
Due to our oversight, if we have put any of your commercial copyrighted material on the website, please let us know and we will immediately remove it.
Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions in the area of the selection of books for scanning, scanning spec and the process.
Ordering Information of Jaina Päthashälä Education Material
We request all Päthashälä coordinators to send their yearly order of Päthashälä books as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that Education Committee sells $30,000 books every year and all the committee members are volunteers.  It takes 4 to 6 weeks to receive the books.
Please down-load the order form from the following link and fill-in your order and e-mail the form as an attachment to Pradipbhai's e-mail – or  Do not make any payment with the order.  We will send the invoice with your order. To buy the books in India, please download the appropriate form from the link.$$$PathashalaBooks/
Thank you
Pravin K. Shah, Chairperson
Jaina Education Committee
List of Books Published under Late Muni Shri Punya Vijayji and Shri Jambu Vijayji:
Viyah_pannati_suttam Part-1
Viyah_pannati_suttam Part-2
Viyah_pannati_suttam Part-3
Dasveyaliya_suttam, Uttarjzhayanaim, Avassay_suttam
Sthanang_sutra Part-1
Sthanang_sutra Part-2
Sthanang_sutra Part-3
Painnay Suttai Part-1
Painnay Suttai Part-2
Painnay Suttai Part-3
Nandisutt And Anuogddaraim
Pannavana Suttam Part-1
Pannavana Suttam Part-2
Anuyogdwar_sutra Part-1
Anuyogdwar_sutra Part-2
Dwadsharam Naychakram Part-1
Dwadsharam Naychakram Part-2
Dwadsharam Naychakram Part-3
Panch_sutrakam with Tika
Aendra Stuti Chaturvinshika Sah Swo Vivran
Siddhahem_sabdanushasana Sah swopagya (San) Laghuvrutti
Mahapacchakkhan Painniyam
Divsagar_pannatti Painnayam
Tandulveyaliya Painnayam
Stree Nirvan Kevalibhukti Prakarane
Thanangsuttam And Samvayangsuttam Part-3
Ayarang_suttam (Acharang_sutra)
Mahanisiha Suya Khandham
Sutrakrutang_sutra Vol-1
Jaisalmer Ke Prachin Jain Granthbhandaron ki Suchi
Hastlikhit Granthsuchi Part-1
Hastlikhit Granthsuchi Part-2
Hastlikhit Granthsuchi Part-3
Scanning Process of Jaina eLibrary Book Project
Scanning work is done in India using the following processing steps.  This process is developed in cooperation with Shree Mahävir Jain Ärädhanä Kendra (SMJAK) – Kobä Ahmedabad.
Step 1 - Scanning of Book with 300 DPI setting using Plustek Optic Book Scanner 3600 - Corporate Edition and Save each page in JPEG Format.
Step 2 – Using Photoshop CS2 version program, edit each page of jpg file including cleaning and centering of each page.
Step 3 - Using Irfan View program, convert each page of JPG file into the TIF Format with 2 levels of numbering automatically.  Also fix the Page Size because this is an option available in Irfan View program.
Note : A separate program is being developed for step 2 and 3 work for more easy, accuracy and functionality by SMJAK.
Step 4 - Replacing all Black and White photos of the tif formatted books with Original Color Photos and/or Gray Scale photos taken from step 2 using Photoshop CS2 version program.
Step 5 - Make 300 DPI Pdf file using Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Professional program.
(For this using create pdf file from multiple files menu adding all the tif files from the folder for generating 300 dpi pdf)
Step 6 - Renaming Pages in PDF File (e.g. A-1 to A-6, B-1 to B-259, B-259a to B-259-h etc.) as per book partitions.  Preface section is one partition, Main text is another partition, Index and appendix may be third and fourth partition etc.
(The prefix A, B, and suffix a, b etc.. are  not actually printed in the book. They are added to maintain uniqueness and order of page numbering.)
Step 7 – Manual Data Entry of Table of Contents with indentation in MS-Word file.  Care is taken that there is no error while doing manual entry. (.doc file).  Use Arial font for English, Unicode Mangal font for Hindi, and Unicode Shruti font for Gujarati languages.
Step 8 - Setting Bookmarks & Sub Bookmarks in the 300 DPI Pdf file using the data from doc file generated in step-7 process (copy paste approach).
Step 9 – Create a Catalogue Document in MS-Word which includes Book title, author, publisher, language etc as per decided norms. (.doc file)
Step 10 - Optimize the pdf document from 300 DPI to 150 DPI using Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Professional.
Settings – Downsample – Bicubic down sampling to 150 Pixels/Inch. For images above 225 pixels/inch.  Compression – JBIG2, Quality – Lossless.
Step 11 – Send all data to Jaina Education Committee for review and for uploading to the Jaina website. Step 12 – Make changes if any received from review committee. 


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