Saturday, January 12, 2013

BJP Boycotts Jain Rally at Ahmedabad

Daily Bhaskar 11th January 2013

In a surprising development, BJP councillors belonging to the Jain community did not take part in a silent rally on Thursday over the issue of death of Jain monks in road accidents. Sources claimed that the party has issued a gag order against participation in the rally. 

Thousands of Jain devotees belonging to different sects marched from Mahalaxmi Crossroads to the collector’s office, seeking action from the government. The procession, which started at 8 am, was 3-km long. The protestors handed over a memorandum to the collector, urging the government to protect Jain monks from assaults through road accidents. 
However, the BJP’s Jain councillors were missing from the rally. According to sources in the party, “As the rally was taken out to make various demands before the government, the party has directed us not to take part in it. Still we are with the sentiments of our community. Whenever needed, we will support openly if the party permits us.”
“There are over ten Jain councillors in the city but they were not present in the rally. Our community mainly sought to implement the scheme for construction of pedestrians’ passage on the highway,” another source said, adding that Ellisbridge MLA Rakesh Shah was present in the rally for a short time.”
In his response, Shah said, “It is not true that I was present in the rally for a short time. In fact, I took part in the rally up to the Town Hall.” 
The Jains are accusing Anoop Mandal, a spiritual sect, behind the killing of monks through accidents.
Thousands protested road accidents involving Jain monks

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  1. Very shameful to represent 1st as Jain & then Councillors. Under any circumstances religion is most important than mere Councillors. Better the such Councillors should rethink whether to remain as Jain or else. We all should teach a lesson to such useless people (Councillors). If they want to remain as Jain then they should follow the rules of Chatriya as DO or DIE.


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