Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Parvati Jain International Award 2009 to Dr. Pradyumna Shah Singh

Vijayendra Nagar, Ludhiana, 1 November 2009, in the auspicious presence of the most senior Sadhvi Sudha Ji, worthy disciple of Sadhvi Swarn Kanta Ji, the 26th Lord Mahavira's Birth Kalyanak Centenary Committee presented the Pravartini Parvati Jain International Award of honor 2009 to Dr. Pradyumna Shah Singh. Dr Shah is Sr Lecturer in Jainism in the Department of Religious Studies, Punjabi University Patiala. In the fully packed hall of Parshvanath Aradhna Kendra, in the gracious presence of Sadhvies Dr. Sadhvi Pravin Lata Ji, Sadhvi Prabha Ji and other Sadhvies, Shravakas and Shravikas, Madhur Bhasini Sadhvi Dr. Smriti Ji announced the name of Dr Shah for the above said prestigious award and introduced about the award and it's recipient. Addressing the audiences Sadhvi Smriti Ji told that before Dr Shah the award was given to noted scholars of the National and International repute from America, Germany and India. Addressing the audiences Sadhvi Smriti Ji told that Dr Shah guided three Sadhvi Jis in their research works and wrote many research papers on Jainism.

The Chairman of the award committee Shri Purushottam Jain and Convener Shri Ravinder Jain presented the award of honor on the stage. The most learned Sadhvi Swarn Kanta Ji had inspired them to establish an award on the name of Pravartini Parvati Ji. Her aim behind the award was to promote research and literary works in the field of Jainism. Pravartini Parvati Ji was the Jain Sadhvi who had written about the Jain religion in the Hindi language first time and participated for its promotion in open debates with other religious teachers.

n her fourth lineage Up-pravartini Sadhvi Swarn Kanta ji born in 26 January, 1929 in Lahore was the most learned Sadhvi who promoted the works of learning in Jainism and gave importance to education of the Sadhvies. She had inspired Shri Purushottam Jain and Shri Ravinder Jain, recipients of the many prestigious awards, to enrich the Jain Literature by writing and translating in local languages. Even today both brothers-in-faith are bearing the responsibilities which Sadhvi Swarn KantaJi had handed them over. In this occasion the Jain Samaj bestowed the designation of Shasan Sumeru to Sadhvi Sudha Ji and Madhur Bhasini, Pravachan Prabhvika to Dr Sadhvi Smriti Ji.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ratna Jain richest mayoral candidate

JAIPUR: Kota mayoral hopeful and Congress candidate Ratna Jain is believed to be the richest to contest for the post among those fighting in this category for the municipal corporations in the state.

With cash and property estimated at Rs 2.70 crore, 47-year-old Ratna Jain has landed property, a house-cum-nursing home and cash in about 18 separate accounts amounting to about Rs 12 lakh. Her landed property includes five agricultural plots besides three other plots in urban areas. Her wealth in gold and silver amounts to more than Rs 12 lakh.

In second place, though many rungs off her, is the BJP candidate Prasan Chand vying for the mayor's post for Jodhpur. Chand's wealth is estimated at Rs 1.09 crore. He has two plots of agricultural land estimated at Rs 11 lakh, a house worth Rs 50 lakhs, Rs 15 lakh worth of gold and the rest in stocks and mutual funds.

In the third place is Jaipur's Suman Sharma at Rs 1.07 crore contesting on a BJP ticket for the mayorship of the Jaipur Municipal Corporation. Among her property is a house worth Rs 70 lakh in Malviya Nagar. The gold and silver with her and her family has been estimated at Rs 6.54 lakh. The rest of her wealth is invested in stocks and shares. Sharma has about Rs 6.08 lakh in cash with her.

On the debt front, Prasan Chand from Jodhpur tops the list with hiswife having taken a loan of Rs 41 lakh. He is followed by Congress candidate for the mayor's post from Jodhpur Rameshwar Dadheech with a debt of Rs 19 lakh.

In Jaipur Independent candidate for the mayoral post Charu Gupta's husband has taken a loan of Rs 13 lakh.

A candidate in contrast is Independent mayoral hopeful from Jodhpur Vijay Rao. Although the 27-year-old has three separate accounts in Bank of Baroda, SBBJ and SBI he does not have any money in them. He has two separate accounts in his wife's name and has a deposit of Rs 1,000 in one of them. Rao also doesn't have any land or house in his name.

Jain Acharya Gets Threat Mail : Persecution of Jains


Even as the CID (Crime) is investigating the incidents of road accident deaths of Jain monks and sadhvis, the main acharya at Palitana in Bhavnagar district and his disciple has received a threat mail, the second in a week’s time.

The first one, also addressed to acharya Abhaysurishveraji, was received last week, after the Jains demanded a probe into the deaths of saints killed in road accidents in the state.

A total of six saints have been killed in two different road accidents in the last week. The Jains have claimed that over 25 saints have been killed in the guise of these accidents in the past six months or so.

The Palitana police began investigations on Friday after a letter arrived through post, even as heavy police security cover has been set for the pilgrimage town.

Investigating Officer Inspector R L Rathva said: “The letter is written in Hindi addressing acharya Abhaysurishveraji and his disciple Mokshratna Vijay, the head saint at Vaav Dharmshala. The sender has asked Jains to stop their legal and media campaign against the Mandal or they will be killed.”

The fresh complaint has been registered by Mokshratna Vijay.

The letter states that Jain saints and the community are responsible for the deterioration of the world. “No matter where you go, be it Rajasthan, Maharashtra or Gujarat, you will not be safe. We will dig up your graves,” the threat mail signed in the name of one Kashan Prajapati said.

The letter further said that no inquiry by the Gujarat government can harm them.

In view of the threat mail, the police have deployed additional security around Vaav Dharmshala in Palitana — considered among the most important pilgrimage place for Jains.

Following the outrage by the Jains, state Home Minister Amit Shah has ordered a CID probe into these incidents.

Elsewhere in Surat, members of the Jain community took out a silent rally from Katargam Darwaja to Bahumali building outside the collector’s office at Nanpura today to protest against the accidental death of four Jain sadhvis and two Jain monks in North Gujarat.

Later they handed over a memorandum to the district collector demanding free and fair investigations and strict punishment to the accused.

The rally started around 11.00 am today.

People from 25 different Jain organisations in Surat took part in the rally carrying banners stating the deaths were not accidental, but were killings done intentionally.

The Jain community started protesting over the deaths after a speeding truck hit four sadhvis near Mehsana and two Jain monks were killed under similar circumstances a few days ago.

Samast Surat Jain Sangh member Navin Nagarsewak said:
“We have demanded a free and fair investigation into the deaths.

The accused should be found out and punished strictly. The police should also provide security to the Jain monks and sadhvis walking on the highways. The police should ensure that the state is safe and secure.”

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jain Scholar S. B. Vasantrajaiah is No More

Bangalore (Karnataka), Nov 17, 2009: A renowned Jain scholar Sri S.B.Vasantharajaiah passed away last night at Bangalore. He was not keeping in good health since the past few days and was hospitalised a couple of times.

Sri Vasantharajaiah, born in 1924 was a B.A. graduate who originated from Saligrama a village in the K.R.Nagar taluk of Mysore district had worked in the accounts department of the Government of Karnataka. He was a renowned Jain scholar and was known for his simplicity. Along with his literary knowledge he was also known for his organising skills and was instrumental in organising many Jain conferences and gatherings. He was instrumental in the formating of Sri Mahavira Mission in Bangalore during the late 60s and early 70s which played a pivotal role in shaping the Digambar Jain Samaj of Bangalore during the period. He was also instrumental in starting the 10 days Dashalakshana Parva discourses on a mass scale in Bangalore in 1976. This paved the way for the Digambar Jain samaj of Karnataka to follow suit and thus resulting in the celebration of Dahsalakshana parva in almost all the nooks and corners of Karnataka.

He was a recipient of the coveted 'Chavundaraya Award' given by the Kannada Sahitya Parishath the highest award given to a Jain scholar in Kannada literature for their life time contribution to Jainism. On his 80th birthday he was felicitaed with two felicitation volumes by the Jain samaj and his well wishers in a grand function held at Karnataka Jain Bhavan, Bangalore under the presence of His Holiness Swasti Sri Bhuvanakeerthi BHattarakha Swamiji of the Kanakagiri Jain Mutt.

Gurus Guru: He was a guru to Her Holiness Ganani Aryika 105 Sri Gyanmathi Mathaji as he had taught her Kannada during her visit to Karnataka.

Below is given a list of some of the works of Sri S.B.Vasantharajaiah:·
Ahimsa Jyothi Mahavira - A sketch on the life of Lord Mahavir based on the historical references of Lord Mahavira in Digambar and SWethambar Literature.·
Koppala Dinda Shravanabelagoladavarege - A book that gives out the details of around 40 to 45 Jain historical places from Koppala (a district in the Northern Karnataka that was once upon a time known a chief Jaina centre) to Shravanabelagola (a Jain town in the southern Karnataka) based on the inscriptional references.
Deergha Tapaswi Mahavira - A work that explains the 12 years long penance of Lord Mahavira with details of Lord Mahavira's vihar, Chaturmas, samavasarana and other important incidents.·
Chandanabala - a drama that explains the story of Chandanabala.·
Karnatakada Digambara Jina Mandiragalu - A book that gives out the details of about 700 Jain temples of Karnataka.·
Ashtapahuda - a translation of the Prakrit work of Acharya Sri Kundakunda in Kannada.· Dwadashanuprekshe - A translation into Kannada.·
NishkamaYogi - A novel describing the life of a middle class Digambar Jain families in the 20th century.· Saligrama Darshana - A book detailing out the details of the Jain temples in Saligrama and about the Jain samaj and other details.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jains Protest Jain Monk's Death

RAJKOT: Protesting the accidental deaths of four Jain sadhvis and two Jain monks in north Gujarat, thousands of members of the Jain community took out a silent rally in Rajkot and other parts of Saurashtra on Tuesday. Jains have demanded a thorough investigation of the deaths, which they claim were premeditated.

People wearing whilte face masks rode on more than 500 scooters in a rally that started from Chaudhary High School near Maniyar Derasar at 11 am and reached the collectorate where the community leaders handed over a memorandum to the collector.

The death of four Jain sadhvis who were mowed down by a speeding truck near Soneripura Patiya near Mehsana on November 9, followed by a similar accident in which two Jain monks died near Unjha on November 13, sparked off the protests across Gujarat.

Meanwhile, community leaders termed the accident as killing' and called for justice against the conspiracy' against the community in their memorandum.

A massive rally was also organised in Morbi and Dhoraji towns of Rajkot and Lalpur taluka of Jamnagar district, where thousands of Jain devotees walked up to the collecterate offices and handed over a memorandum, expressing anger and protest against the incident.

In Jasdan, Ghanshyam Bharad, manager of Marutidham Gaushala, sent a letter to the state home minister, urging an independent inquiry into the incident and alleged conspiracy.

Champak Vora of Neminath Derasar, D M Gondaliya, vice-president of Dashashrimali Jain Sangh and members of Sambhavnathji Jain Derasar on Pani Darwaja Road also gave a joint memorandum to the Amreli district collector. The additional director general of police, CID (crime) VV Rabari has already been given the charge of investigating both the cases.

Jains threaten stir if no step taken


The state government has roped in CID (crime) to investigate the alleged scam of killing Jain holy men/women in the guise of road accidents, but the community leaders want results. The Jains have given an ultimatum till Wednesday to the Gujarat government to make headway in the investigation or they have they threatened to intensify the silent agitation.

Saurashtra on Tuesday saw a widespread protest by Jains in the form of silent marches and scooter rallies by the four Jain sub-sects: Derawasi, Sthanakwasi, Digambar and Rajchandra. The protests have been organised following the death of four sadhaks last week in two different road accidents, where the victims were mowed down by speeding four-wheelers.

The conspiracy theory arose after the son of one of the holy men killed in a road accident near Mehsana filed an affidavit in the court, claiming it to be a pre-planned murder and one of several in a series of such crimes.

The Anup Mandal has come under suspicion due to its alleged remarks that religious practices of Jain holy men have resulted in a drought-like scenario.

The ultimatum was given at the end of a Monday meeting at Palitana— the second most important pilgrimage seat located in Bhavnagar—that was chaired by Acharya Abhaydev Sursishverji.

The meeting was attended by over 25 acharyas and 800 priests, who emphasised that the priests, who walk from one place to another and do not use vehicles, must be given protection.

Sursishverji, who also received a threat mail, has said that the Jains will begin an intense agitation if the police do not make headway in the case by Wednesday.

At Rajkot, members of all the four sub-sects took out a silent scooter rally on Tuesday and submitted a memorandum to the collector. This was the second day of the protest.

“We strictly condemn such acts. Saints must be given protection from negative elements,” said Chandrakant Sheth, a Jain leader from Rajkot.

Similar protests rallies were organised at Morbi, Jamnagar and Amreli.

We'll take up arms if threats rise: Jain seer

Ahmedabad: Jain religious leaders have given the state government an ultimatum of 48 hours, demanding that the crime branch probe into the recent death of Jain monks in road mishaps yield concrete results. A Jain seer went so far as to say that Jain monks may have to carry scriptures in one hand, and arms in the other to defend themselves.

The religious leaders gave the ultimatum on Monday at Palitana where they had gathered for the 'gunanuvad sabha' (condolence meeting) for the monks who recently died in mysterious road mishaps. The Jain community blames the organisation, Anoop Mandal, for their deaths, alleging that the Mandal was committed to spreading hatred against the Jain community.

Around 25 acharyas of various Jain sects, more than 800 Jain monks and thousands of lay Jains attended the condolence meeting at Palitana. Acharya Abhaydevesuriswarji Maharaj Saheb, who recently received an anonymous letter threatening him with death, said he was deeply worried about the security of Jain monks.
"If necessary, Jainacharyas will have to carry shaastra (religious scripture) in one hand and shastra (weapon) in the other," he said. "Several Jain monks have died in road accidents in recent years. There seems to be some kind of conspiracy against Jain monks."

All acharyas present at Palitana agreed to Abhaydevesuriswarji Maharaj Saheb's suggestion that an ultimatum of 48 hours be served on the government, asking it to act fast in the accident cases. In Surat, too, Jains held a meeting to express concern over the threat to Jain sadhus.

Missing Jain Nun Found

AHMEDABAD: When Kiran Pandya got his sister's call from Mehsana, he could not believe his ears. Pandya, who had stormed the Jain fraternity in the city along with police, was shocked to know that his beloved sister, who had taken to Jainism and got diksha at the age of 9, shunned monk's life to marry to a youth from the community.

According to sources, Pandya was in the city for last three days, searching for his missing' sister. Talking to TOI on Tuesday, Pandya had raised questions about the safety and whereabouts of Mahasatiji Ojasvinibai, 28. "In the wake of strange incidents happening with sadhus and sadhvis of Jainism, I fear that she might have been abducted."

However, the twist came on Wednesday when she contacted him to reveal her location. "She had left a note while leaving the upashraya in Vasna informing that she was shunning monk's life by her will and was safe. This information was kept under wraps to protect the prestige of the institution. But, when allegations were levelled against us, we had to disclose the truth," said a member of Jain community.

The Jain sangh members told TOI that Ojasvinibai met Ashish Bhavsar, a youth from Viramgam while on Chaturmaas (four months of stay at one place for monks) at Mehsana. It was mutual attraction, according to duo, who decided to get married. As per plan, she left the upashraya and world of religion behind and donned the new identity of Archana.

The duo then went to Bali in Rajasthan for a civil marriage in front of marriage registrar.

The news did not go down well with her brother. "When Pandya went to Mehsana, he got enraged and attacked Bhavsar and alleged him of influencing to take a wrong decision. The matter went out of control and nearby police personnel had to rush to the spot. When police came to know that it was a matter of two adults having married with consent, they let them go and warned Pandya," said a police official.

Pramukhchand Shah, president of Dariapuri Sthanakvaasi Jain Sangh, told TOI that earlier sadhviji was warned of unacceptable practices' such as using mobile phone. "However, the restrictions were termed as harsh behaviour by her brothers. She had also given us a written apology. We just want to say that she has no grudge against the treatment she got or her life as a monk till she was in the city," he said.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CID to probe controversial deaths of Jain monks

Ahmedabad: Concerned about the increase in number of road accident deaths of Jain monks, the state police has assigned VV Rabari, additional director general of police, CID (crime) and railways to investigate such accidents that happened in the last three years in the state. Rabari said the move comes after the police department received several applications requesting them to look into the matter.

Rabari further said that police of all the districts have been asked to get the details of accidents involving Jain monks.He said usually each district has the details of such deaths but to find out how many of the victims were Jain monks will take some time.

Meanwhile, another complaint under the Cyber Crime Act is likely to be filed against the anti-Jain cult 'Anoop Mandal'.Jasmin Shah, a Jain social worker, who has filed several police complaints against the activities of the Mandal is planning to file one more complaint.

"The Mandal is propagating against the Jains in a very vicious manner on its website and through blogs. This is hurting the religious sentiments of Jains. I will be filing a police complaint against the Mandal on Monday under the Cyber Crime Act to ban the website."

Jains seek joint probe into deaths of Jain monks

Misbah Nayeem Quadri

Amedabad: The death of a number of Jain monks and sadhvis in mysterious road mishaps in the state recently continues to cause concern among Jains. Ashok Jain, a Supreme Court lawyer, suggested during a meeting of the Ahmedabad-based Bharat Jain Mahamandal that the police of the three states -- Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra-- should work together to nab the culprits.

The SC lawyer stated that suspects caught in any of the three states should be put to narco-analysis and a lie detection test. He said Indian law prescribes severe punishment for anyone found fanning religious hatred by any means, including websites. Prayer sessions were held at different places in the state for the peace of the soul of the Jain monks and sadhvis who were recently killed in road mishaps.

In Ahmedabad, more than 30 Jain organisations held prayer sessions for the deceased. Four Jain sadhvis died in a road accident near Soneri Patia village in Mahesana district on November 9. Five other sadhvis walking with the deceased escaped with injuries. Three days later, two Jain sadhus were hit by a jeep in Barmer district in Rajasthan.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two Jain Monks killed in a road accident near Nakoda

In a tragic incident, two Jain monks - Shree Jambu Vijay Ji Maharaj Saben and Shri Namaskar Vijay Maharaj Sabeb, walking towards Jaisalmer were mowed down by a speeding Toyota Qualis car on Nakoda-Jaisalmer road in Rajasthan.

Police sources said Monks had set out for Jaisalmer after halt in Nakoda teerth. A Toyota Quallis crushed them while they were walking on the roadside.

According to sources Shri Dharmaghosh Vijay Ji Maharaj Saheb who was also in a group of monks was injured and hospitalized in critical condition.

This is second such tragic incident in just three days. On 10 November four Jain Sadhvis were killed in a road accident on Mehsana-Unjha highway.

Majority of Jain monks never use any type of vehicle in their life. They just walk barefoot. In last some years, accidents have killed and injured dozens of Jain monks on Highway side.

Salekh Chand Jain PIL in SC over MNS vandalism

NEW DELHI: A PIL petitioner on Tuesday moved the Supreme Court seeking action against Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) legislators indulging in violence against another MLA for taking oath in Hindi.

Petitioner Salekh Chand Jain had earlier filed a PIL against the violence indulged in by MNS activists against north Indians and the apex court had issued notice on that PIL to the Maharashtra government.

Mentioning its fresh application in the pending petition, advocate Sugriv Dubey sought an early hearing on the petition and the present application saying "if the streak of violence started by MNS MLAs goes unpunished, then the nation will be divided into several parts on the basis of languages".

Jain's PIL had accused MNS activists of killing two doctor brothers -- Ajay and Vijay -- for refusing to close their clinic and charged the police and Maharashtra administration of doing nothing to arrest the accused.

"The representatives of MNS are committing offences and are going scot free," the petitioner said and requested the court to direct the Maharashtra government to bring to book those who were indulging in violence inside and outside the assembly in the name of language.

Tamil Nadu Jains are from Mysore: Ham Pa Nagarajaiah

MYSORE (TOI): The Jains scattered across Tamil Nadu are originally from Mysore, senior writer Ham Pa Nagarajaiah said on Tuesday. Some of the manuscripts
published in TN recently have traced the origins of the community settled there to Mysore, which, he said, is being discussed in academic circles.

Speaking after inaugurating a day-long meet on Jainology hosted by the University of Mysore, Hampana stated: some 89 manuscripts have been published in TN recently of which 85 relate to Jains. According to one of the manuscripts, Jains travelled to Tamil Nadu from Mysore. The city was then known as Yermayanadu.

However, he said scholars are divided over the subject as one of the manuscripts state that the Jains in Tamil Nadu are from Orissa. Scholars are debating the issue, he said at the meet which is supported by Shravanabelagola-based National Prakrit Studies and Research Institute and Meeruts Shrutha Samvardana Sansthan.

Jainism brings peace
Speaking on Jainism, he said that it is all inclusive. According to Jain scriptures, peace and co-existence are primary, which has made areas where its influence is more, like the coastal region, peaceful. That is why Jain religion can be practiced cutting across time barriers, he stated. Referring to recent developments like the political imbroglio, violence in the high court, he said,"there is a need to preach Ahimsa mantra to them. They need darshan of Digambar seers."

Jain religious leader Gnanasagarji Maharaj graced the event. On the occasion, three V-Cs B S Sherigar (Kuvempu University), Geetha Bali (Women University) and V G Talawar (University of Mysore) were felicitated.

Talawar said the department that is operating out of Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies in Manasa Gangotri, the PG campus of the varsity, will get its own building in a year. The varsity has allocated Rs 50 lakh for the project and the head of the department of Jainology and Prakrit, Padma Shekar has prepared a Rs 1.30-crore project. The Jains should pitch in and help realize the dream, he added.

Mahavir Sanglikar

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

6th Jain History Conference at Solapur

6th Jain History Conference at Solapur

The 6th Conference of Maharashtra Jain Itihas Parishad will be held at Solapur on 5-7 February 2009.

Noted scholar of Indology Dr. Vidyadhar Joharapurkar is elected as the President of this conference.

Eminent scholars of Jainology, Indology and Ancient & Medieval History will read their research papers in this conference. A number of books will be published in this three days conference.

For more details about this conference and for participating in it, please call Mr. Shrenik Annadate on 0 986 750 8814

You may also contact him on following address:

Sumeru Prakashan
D-6, Rajhans, Tilak nagar
Dombivali East, Thane 421 201
Phone: 0251 2404149, 2400140

-Mahavir Sanglikar

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rajendra Darda Becomes a Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra

Rajendra Darda Becomes a Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra

Rajendra Darda has been selected as a Cabinet Minister in the new cabinet of Maharashtra Government. He has got Industry and Self Employment Portfolio.

Mr. Darda is the only Jain in the new cabinet of 40 members. He was elected as a MLA from Aurangabad City. He belongs to Congress Party.

We congratulate him on his selection as a Cabinet Minister on behalf of Jain Friends and Jain Samachar.

-Mahavir Sanglikar

First V R Kothari Journalism Award Goes to Kumar Ketkar

First V R Kothari Journalism Award Goes to Kumar Ketkar

The first ever V R Kothari Journalism Award is announced. Noted Journalist and editor of the famous Marathi daily Loksatta will be the first recipient of this award.

V R Kothari was a prominent journalist and social reformer of 20th century. He started Prabhaat, a Marathi daily from Pune before independance of India. He started a crusade against all the wrong things happening in the name of religion, caste and traditions, through his newspaper and speeches.

V R Kothari wrote many books, including a book on French Revolution.

He suffered all the odds from the community, especially from the orthodox people.

Kumar Ketkar is also a journalist and social reformer of present day. He also has suffered from today’s orthodox people, but still he is fighting against all the wrong things taking place in the society.

To inform about this award, a delegation from Pune met Kumar Ketkar on 5th November and congratulated him. The delegation included Mr. Milind Phade (General Secretary of Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha), Mr. Arun Khore (Editor of Daily Prabhat), Dr. Ravsaheb Patil (Noted Marathi writer, speaker and journalist), Mahavir Sanglikar (Social reformer and writer) and Mr. Abhay Kothari.

Kumar Ketkar will receive this award on 22nd November of 2009, in a convention of Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha at Mumbai.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Cowardice of Publisher of Ahimsa Times

The Cowardice of Publisaher of Ahimsa Times

Few months ago, Sanaatan Prabhaat, a mouthpiece of Sanatan Sanstha which promotes Hindu terrorism, had published a news about a Jain nun Priti Sudha in which she had blessed the Sanatan volunteers for success in their cause. Regarding it, I had released a news “Jains Nun Supports Hindu Terrorism” which was published by many national dailies like Times of India and others.

Reading the news, the Jain nun gave a clarification that she never supported terrorism of any kind and the Sanatan people had used her for their cause.

Ahimsa Times, an online monthly magazine also had published the news “Jains Nun Supports Hindu Terrorism”. But some Sanaatan people approached the publisher of Ahimsa Times, and the publisher begged for forgiveness. The publisher apologized in a written statement for publishing the news. The statement was published in July 2009 issue of Ahimsa Times and also in Sanaatan Prabhaat. Ahimsa Times says:

“In December 2008, we had received from one of our readers, some information about Sanatan Sanstha, Goa, a voluntary service organization. Presuming that the same could be true, it was placed in the December issue of Ahimsa Times. We were informed about this erroneous information by the executives / members of Sanatan Sansthan and we realized the errors & omissions. Immediately the objected subject / contents were removed from the news letter. While deeply regretting and apologising for the inadvertent error, we assure every one that, we never had the intention to hurt anyone or judge any one. On the contrary, we feel that institution like Sanatan Sansthan are doing a great job for the nation as a whole and making us live with pride. We wish Sanatan Sansthan and all its constituents all the success in their endeavor to serve the cause of humanity” -- Ahimsa Times.

It is just cowardice of Ahimsa Times Publisher. Remember that, the Sanaatan people didn’t dare to approach me in spite of my living in Pune, a major center of their activities. Many Marathi newspapers, even small newspapers from pune have published a lot of articles against Sanaatan, but the Sanaatan never dared to approach them.

By apologizing, the publisher of Ahimsa Times has kneeled down in front of the terrorists, who themselves are cowards.

What can we expect from such Jains who have forgotten that cowards cannot be Jains.

Now I would like to see what stand Ahimsa Times takes on the anti-Jain book published by Sanaatans of Gujarat, in which the Sanatans have compared Jain women with prostitutes. Please see my next mail regarding the book. Until then, please have a look on my news release: “Jains Nun Supports Hindu Terrorism” at:

-Mahavir Sanglikar
Founder President, Jain Panther, Pune
91 962 372 5249, 927 309 3122

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