Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jain Ramayana Hunting Hindu Sentiments?

New Delhi, Jan 25: A history book in the Delhi University for its BA (Hons) second year course has hurt the sentiments of the Hindu community with its controversial content.

The DU book has included portions defaming and denigrating the characters of Lord Ram, Hanuman, Lakshman and Sita. The book has projected the entire episode as fallacious, capricious, imaginary and fake.

The chapter 'Three hundred Ramayanas' written by Shri A.K. Ramanujan has denigrated Sri Ram, Hanuman, Lakshman and Sita and projected the entire episode as false.

The chapter starts with a query that how many Ramayanas are there, and then a story is cited wherein Hanuman is described as 'henchman' of Lord Ram and then again as a 'tiny monkey'.

Derogatory words like 'henchman' and 'tiny monkey' about Lord Hanuman are appalling.

The author narrates how Jains treat Ram, Ravan and Sita. He also digs out a theory that according to this thought Sita was even daughter of Ravan and that it was Lakshman who actually killed Ravan and not Ram.

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