Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jain Samaj divided over `saptrangi abhishek'

Indore, Jan 10: The proposed `saptrangi abhishek' of the Digamber Jain Samaj at Babangaja in Barwani district scheduled this month, has landed in a row with a section of the Jain Samaj apparently expressing their opposition over the `abhishek' on the plea that it will pose danger to the statue. A number of distinguished persons from the Samaj said that `abhishek' may inflict damage to the historical statue of lord Adinath , hence it should be stopped.

The `saptrangi abhishek' of lord Adinath at Babangaja, the Jain religion's one of the most sacred places in the country, is organized every 12th year. Last time also because of some controversy, the `abhishek' could not take place and now it is after 17 years that the Digamber Jain Samaj has planned `saptrangi abhishek' from January 20 to February 4 this year.

However, going by the whale of protests from a section of the Digamber Jain Samaj, the proposed `abhishek' seems to have run into rough weather. While describing the `saptrangi abhishek' as against the religious text, the Samaj youths have threatened an agitation in this regard.

So far the `abhishek' of 84 ft height of `Bhagwan Bahubali' is being performed through water. However, this year, the Babangaja Barwani Committee has decided to perform `saptrangi abhishek' which will comprise of sugarcane juice, milk, curd, coconut, water, shahad, chandan and kesar. All these materials will be rubbed on the statue of Bahubali and it is feared that with the apply of these material, it will lead to development of germs on the statue.

Rohit Dhanote, president, Digamber Jain Yuva Sangathan said the idol of lord Adinath is a symbol of the Jain religion's faith and since ancient times `abhishek' has been performed on the idol of lord Adinath only through water and `panchamrit'. Some people are trying to break this tradition which is against the religious text, he said.

Other people associated with the association said since this historical statue is already facing erosion and undergoing cement treatment for its preservation, the `saptrangi abhishek' will only cause damage to the statue.

Panchkalyanak Pratishtha Mahotsav and the `saptrangi mahamastabhishek' of lord Adinath at Babangaja in Barwani district is scheduled to be organized from January 20 and it will continue till February 4. A large number of hight-profile dignitaries including the President of India, the Prime Minister, Governors of various states, chief ministers are scheduled to participate in one of the biggest religious congregations of the Jain Samaj. About seven lakh people from various parts of the country and abroad are expected to participate in this religious event.
Krishna K Jha

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