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Alva’s Nudisiri-2007 off to a Spectacular and Colourful Start at Vidyagiri

Spot Report by Gladson D’Almeida

Moodbidri, Nov 30: It was as if all the roads were leading to Moodbidri, the seat of Jainism in Dakshina Kannada where Kannada culture and language have found a new meaning and definition over the years under the and dedicated leadership of Dr M Mohan Alva, founder president of Alva's Education Foundation. Today Alva's Foundation stands as another name to culture, heritage, tradition and language along with its special contribution to education.

It is here that for the last 3 years, Alva's Nudisiri, a fest of Kannada language and literature has made its abode. Friday November 30 was no exception to this as the fourth Alva's Nudisiri was inaugurated by senior Kannada litterateur, novelist Ni Vyasaray Ballal. This man of great zest dynamic and lover towards Kannada was an inspiration to all on Friday. Despite his ill-health, he made it a point to attend the function on wheel-chair and inaugurate it. He even addressed gathering for a while in his feeble voice.

His entire address was later presented to the gathering by his younger brother Ni Srinivas Ballal. In his inaugural address Ni Vyasaray Ballal gave a clarion call to the gathering to revamp the present education system so that it nurtures literature and language to the maximum.
"Perhaps we Kannadigas are a little more attached to English than anyone else. We usually cannot expect an English invitation by a Gujarati. Even Marathi-speaking people make minimum use of English words in their day-to-day dealings. But we Kannadigas have this extra love towards English. It as such is not bad. But forgetting our mother tongue while giving importance to English cannot be accepted. In this regard the education institutions have a greater responsibility. I therefore have great regard towards Dr Mohan Alva, who is not only doctor for physical ailments but a true doctor who has made yeoman's contribution in healing the ailments of Kannada language, literature and culture. May Alva's Nudisiri remain to the end of this world, he added.

Earlier the programme began sharp at 9.15 am and all the guests were escorted to the Poornachandra Tejaswi auditorium with a colourful procession accompanied by dolu, veeragase, yakshagana, daiva kunita artistes. Once on stage, Dr Mohan Alva welcomed the guests and the gathering. In his keynote address said that the idea of holding a national-level literary and cultural fest was conceived when Moodbidri hosted the All-India Literary Convention fiver years ago. All those worked day-in-and-day-out for the success for literary convention felt that it was not enough to hold a convention and forget everything the next day. Accordingly Alva's Nudisiri was started and for the fourth successive year Alva's Foundation has been hosting this literary fest.

Later a special programme of consulting the Tulunadu Daiva for the success of the fest was held. It is a custom in Tulunadu to consult the Daivas before starting any auspicious programme. Blessing Dr Mohan Alva and the entire gathering, the Daiva said that everything will go on well since every minute aspect has been taken care by the organizers. Before the inauguration Tenka and Badaga thittu yakshagana artiste presented a small show on the stage.

Prof G Ventatasubbaiah, renonwed scholar in his presidential address presented a brief history Kannada literature. He further said that Kannada over the years has been a language which has nurtured other languages and given an equal place to all of them. "But in the bargain, at times, we have lost our identiy owing to many reasons. We have started appreciating other languages at the cost of our mother tongue. But it is at this point that persons like Dr Mohan Alva have forward and have made

their sincere efforts to promote Kannada literature and culture in their own way," he added.
Dr Mohan Alva honoured Ni Vyasaray Ballal and Prof G Venkatasubbaiah on the occasion on behalf of the entire gathering.

Mulki-Moodbidri MLA K Abhaychandra Jain, former minister Amarnath Shetty, his wife Jayashree Shetty were also present on the dais.

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