Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jainism ignored by Government Body!

Jainism ignored by Government Body!

Recently I visited a book exhibition in Pune which was arranged by National Book Trust, a Government of India body. The NBC has published lot of books on various subjects including history, art, architecture, sociology etc.

The books are written by renowned authors. Printing, paper and overall lookout of the books are nice and the books are affordable to common readers.

But it was a surprise for me that Jainism is totally ignored by the National Book Trust. I didn’t see any reference from Jain resources in books on above said subjects. In Indian art and architecture books, there is not a single photograph of any Jain monument, not even Gomateshwra statue, Mount Abu temples or Udaygiri-Khangiri caves.

The National Book Trust invites works from scholars for publishing, but I think it has nothing to do with works of Jain scholars.

The trust has published lot of books on Buddhism, I am afraid why it ignores Jainism.

While Jainism is getting wider popularity in western world, but in its homeland, a Government body is shy about it!


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