Thursday, August 27, 2009

Prominent Jains to be listed | Suggest Persons

Prominent Jains to be listed Suggest Persons

Jain Friends, the renowned social organization is going to publish short biographies of major Jain personalities. The list includes Jains from various fields of life who have done some extra ordinary work.

The biographies of selected Jains will be published on a specially created website. The website will be search engine friendly and will be listed in all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN. Anybody from any corner of the world will find information, photographs and contact details of any person listed on the website through search engines.

Although we have collected lot of information, we herewith request you to suggest some Jain persons for inclusion. There is no restriction in which fields they are working, the only eligibility is that they are doing or have done some great or different work.

Required details:

Name of the person
Date of Birth and Birth Place
Educational Qualification (Please write in which school and university he/she studied)
Family Background
Achievements in detail
Awards won
Institutions and organizations in which he/ she is an office-bearer
Hobbies and Interests
Two different close up photographs
Full Contact Details (Complete Postal Address with PIN/ ZIP code; Phone, Cell Phone and Fax Numbers, Email address, Website Name and URL if any)

Please write us at:

If you want to send any printed material, please send it to: (NO Curriers, only by Registered/ Speed Post or in person)

Jain Friends (PJ)
Post Box No. 58
Jagannath Complex, 199 Mumbai-Pune Rd
Chinchwad East, Pune 411019
MH India

Please feel free to ask any question regarding this project.

Sincerely Yours,

-Mahavir Sanglikar
Cell Phones: 91 927 309 3122, 91 962 372 5249

Please note:
Some of the categories under which the Prominent Jains will be listed: (This is not complete list. Each category has many subcategories)

Education: Vice-Chancellors, Professors, Speakers
Animal Rights and Vegetarianism

Entertainment: Actors and actresses, Music Composers, Musicians, Directors, Producers, Singers, Dancers, Mimicry artists, Magicians, Stage Performers etc.
Social Activities: Social Workers, Social Organizers, Disaster Managers,
Government and Politics: Ministers, Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Councils and Assemblies
Administration: IAS, IPS and other Government Officers
Science and Technology: Scientists and Researchers
Literature: Writers, Poets, Novelists
Media: Publishers, Editors, TV Journalists, Reporters
Jainism: Researchers, Indologists,
Sports: Sportspersons
Business and Industry: Business Persons, Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, CEOs
Any person who appears in media

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