Monday, August 3, 2009

Bihar promotes Jain circuit

Bihar promotes Jain circuit
Kumar Manish

AHMEDABAD: Pilgrimage tourism always tops the Jain mind. No wonder the Bihar government has come up with a Jain circuit to woo the community in the state.

It was in Bihar that Jainism, which has millions of followers today, was first propagated, according to officials. The chief proponent of Jain religion and 24th tirthankar, Lord Mahavir, was born near Patna, capital of Bihar.

The most revered Jain pilgrim spot in Bihar is Jalmandir Temple complex at Pawapuri. Says officer in department of tourism, Bihar government, Tapan Kumar Sinha, "Bihar Tourism has designed the religious circuit in a holistic manner. There are more than seven important places in Bihar which are famous for Jain temples and are of historical significance to Jains."

The prominent Jain spots are Vasokund, believed to be the birthplace of Lord Mahavir, Rajgir, Kundalpur, Lachhaur Nalanda, Pawapuri, among others.

"We have been promoting religious tourism in a big way in Gujarat. In the last two days of the travel and tourism fair, we're getting good response from the Gujarati community. We have introduced special package tours for Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs," says Sinha.

This is the first time Bihar Tourism has prominently displayed their tourist destinations with this attractive religious circuit, says visitor Nitin Dalal. "Gujarat has highest concentration of Jain community and the places included in the circuit are of historical importance to it," he adds.

Says another visitor Dinesh Patel, "I'm curious about the tourist destinations in Bihar and places of religious importance there. The state is still to be explored in terms of tourism."

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