Thursday, July 16, 2009

Remnants of Jain Temple found from hospital

Vadodara: The remnants of an ancient temple were found while digging ground near the nursing hostel of SSG Hospital here.

The remnants contain an arc, some carved stones and an idol. After preliminary investigations, the remnants are believed to be of a Jain temple.

While digging of ground for the construction of an auditorium at SSG hospital was going on, some sand stones were found along with the soil. Dr Adish Jain, who was passing by the place, saw the stones. He found them interesting and when he took a close look at them, he was astonished to see carvings on the stones.

He immediately informed senior officials of the hospital about it, and soon archaeology department officials were informed about the remains.

A team of archaeology department rushed to the spot, and during investigations found an arc, an idol and some carved stones from the site. According to archaeology officials, it was difficult to say whether the remnants belonged to a Jain temple or Hindu temple as their architecture are more or less the same.

Talking to DNA, ex-superintendent and dean of the hospital Dr Kamal Pathak said, "It is for the third time that the remnants of a temple have been found from this area of the SSG hospital.
In 1992-93, an idol of a Jain tirthankar was found during the stone installation ceremony of the urological department at the hospital. In 2001-02, too, some other remnants of sandstones were found from the hospital premises.

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