Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jains are Gentle, Non-violent - Dhananjay Kumar

Bangalore, Jun 30: "The policy of the Jains is to live and let others live. They are gentle, soft-spoken and do not expect anything from others," said V Dhanjay Kumar, special representative of the state government at New Delhi.

He was speaking at the valedictory ceremony of Jain Sanskriti Festival being held at Jain Bhavan here. Kumar added that the Jains never create problems or harm for others. "Jains believe that the Lord can be appeased by causing as little hurt as possible, to other living beings. They try to lead an ideal life by following the principles and preachings of Jainism. They also have dedicated themselves to the welfare of the society," he explained. He claimed, that the Jains who belong to minority community, make use of the little opportunities that come their way and never approach the government with a request for favour or facilities.

South Indian Jain Mahasabha president Kallappanna Awade in his address felt that organizing of Jain Festivals often is advantageous as it provides a forum for the Jains to come together.
On the occasion, Dharmasthala Surendra Kumar was conferred with the titles, 'Samaja Ratna' and 'Sanghatana Sarvabhouma'. Karnataka Jain Sangh president S Jitendra Kumar was honoured with 'Shravaka Ratna' award.

Shravana Belagola Charukeerti Bhattaraka Swamiji, scholar Dr Hampa Nagaranaiah and many other dignitaries participated.

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