Saturday, December 15, 2012

Claremont Lincoln Inaugurates Center for Jain Studies

CLAREMONT, Calif., United States

On Oct. 8, only one year since the beginning of the Jain Studies program, Claremont Lincoln University celebrated the inauguration of a new Center for Jain Studies.

 The inaugural ceremony was held at the Claremont School of Theology prior to the national panel discussion of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, in which the Jain tradition was represented by former JAINA president, and one of the senior advisors for the Jain Studies program at Claremont Lincoln, Dr. Sulekh Jain.

 In the ceremony, Jain Studies professor Brianne Donaldson, who has served as the Dharma Traditions coordinator for the past year that administers the majority of the Jain projects and activities, recounted the beginnings of the Jain Studies program and its many accomplishments so far.

 Dr. Nitin Shah of Loma Linda University and past president of the Jain Center of Southern California, and one of the main donors behind the opening of the new center, spoke on the importance of education in the current world.

 In the course of just one year, the Jain Studies program at Claremont Lincoln has become one of the most active Jain Studies graduate programs in the nation.

 The opening celebration also featured a short cultural program of music, dance, and theater performances.

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