Wednesday, October 10, 2012

States where Jains are declared as Religious Minority

List of States where Jains have been declared as Religious Minority Community:

1.      Maharshtra
2.      Karnataka
3.      Madhya Pradesh
4.      Rajasthan*
5.      Uttar Pradesh
6.      Chhattis Garh
7.      Jhar Khand
8.      Delhi
9.      Uttaranchal
10.  West Bengal
11.  Andhra Pradesh
12.  Haryana
13.  Punjab
14.  Himachal Pradesh

Please note that 84% of total Jains in India reside in the 14 states listed above.
* There are some problems in Rajasthan in applying the status

Pending Consideration

Following states yet have not given Minority Status to Jains even after continuous demand by Jain community:

1.      Tamil Nadu
2.      Gujarat
3.      Kerala
4.      Assam
5.      Jammu and Kashmir
6.      Bihar
7.      Goa
8.      Orissa

States and Territories where Jains are Micro-Minority

Following States have a very less population of Jains when compared to all above states, so there is no demand from Jain community for Minority Status.

1.      Sikkim
2.      Manipur
3.      Naga Land
4.      Arunachal Pradesh
5.      Pondicherry
6.      Andaman & Nikobar
7.      Meghalaya
8.      Mizoram
9.      Tripura

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