Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shravanabelagola Bhattarak Visits Mysore After 15 Years

MYSORE: This Sunday was special and auspicious for the Jain community in Mysore.

Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Mahaswami of Digambara Jain Mutt, Shravanabelagola, visited the city after a span of 15 years and was accorded a traditional welcome.

The Mysore Jain community was eagerly awaiting for this occasion. The seer inaugurated Sri Mahaveer Bhavan, a community hall, at Srirampura. Bhuvana Keerthi Bhattaraka Swami of Digambara Jain Mutt, Kanakagiri was also present.

The seer inaugurated a garden adjacent the newlybuilt hall by planting saplings and delivered a message of love and peaceful coexistence with flora and fauna.

"Nations are finding ways to destroy mankind. Those violent nations, who are killing each other in the name of aggressive patriotism and religion, are looking toward India because religion like Jainism propagate peace that is unique to the nation," said district minister S A Ramdas.

Ramdas said a corpus fund to help cancer children has been set up as directed by the seer and the 20-bedded wards will be inaugurated at the government hospitals in 20 districts. The facility will be opened on June 15, he said.


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