Monday, October 31, 2011

Launch of Jain Studies program at Virginia Commonwealth University In Richmond, VA

Friends, Jai Jinendra

For several years, we have been working with Virginia Commonwealth University ( VCU) in Richmond, VA to introduce regular Jain Studies program at VCU. During the last 2 years, VCU has had offered lectures on Jainism, four ( 3 students and one Professor) went to International Summer School for Jain Studies in India this year, and last month, Dr. Shugan Jain from ISJS India delivered 2 lectures there to nearly 220 students.

VCU is a prestigious and the second largest university in the State of Virginia with 32,000 student.

With several negotiations and discussions between ISJS and JAINA, now the time has arrived to launch a regular Jain Studies program at VCU.

This will happen on Sunday, November 13, 2011 starting at 10.00am at a beautiful historic hall on VCU campus which has been specially reserved just for this meeting. This really is an excellent opportunity that we will be starting JAIN study program there.

Jain community of Richmond, VA and VCU are hosting this meeting. Several University officials and the Jain Sangh of Richmond, VA will be there to greet the Jain community.

All Jains are invited. Hope we will have a great presence.

Please make your plans and invite as many Jains ;especially from Washington D.C and Raleigh NC areas to participate in this event.

Kindly let us know that you will be coming.

Dr. Sulekh C. Jain

Past President JAINA

Houston, Texas ,USA

281 494 7656 ( home)

832 594 8005 ( cell)

Dr. Sushil Jain

President JAINA

Washington, D.C

703 208 1861 ( home)

240 277 3039 ( cell)

Dilip v. Shah

Past President JAINA

Philadelphia, PA

215 561 0581 ( home)

215 868 0381 ( cell)

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