Thursday, May 12, 2011

Newspaper agent’s son Lalit Jain bags 41st rank in IAS

Chandigarh: It was now or never for 28-year-old Lalit Jain, who, despite three unsuccessful UPSC attempts, did not lose patience. Braving the challenges of life, Lalit stood 41st in the country's most prestigious examination. It was a tough choice for this law graduate to make — dedicate precious years of his life to an uncertain destination.

Speaking to TOI, Lalit said being in his late twenties it was difficult to balance work and studies and this was his biggest challenge. ''At this age, my family expected me to earn my living and build a future. I used to sell newspapers with my father at the local bus stand in the morning and then go to court, where I was practising as a lawyer. In between all of that, I used to take out time for studies,'' he said.

Hungry for success, he used to carry books to the court and read them whenever he got time. ''I would sit in a corner and revise what I had studied the previous night,'' Lalit said, reminiscing about the tough days.

''It might sound cliched but I burned the midnight oil and got the success I had always dreamed of. Though we belong to a small family and are based in a rural area, my father provided me with good education from the best schools. Some of my classmates used to make fun of me, calling me a newspaper seller's son... but this motivated me to make my parents proud,'' Lalit said. Coupled with patience, he would dedicate at least 10 hours every day to studies.

Overjoyed at his son's success, Shashi Pal Jain said he could not believe that his hard work of over 40 years has paid off. ''I just had one dream... to see my son become an officer. I am the happiest father now,'' he smiled.

Lalit wants to join the IAS and serve the country. ''I wish to change the image of Indian bureaucracy,'' he added.

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