Monday, December 20, 2010

Radha Krishna Idol in Jain Temple| Secularism or Cowardness?

Radha Krishna Idol in Jain Temple| Secularism or Cowardness?

According to news published in Gujarati and Marathi dailies, an idol of Radhakirshna was established in a Jain temple at Mumbai.

The news says that it is first time that a non-Jain idol was established in a Jain temple.

This temple is situated at Pawandham in Mahaveer Nagar area of Kandivali. The idol was established in presence of Jain monk Namramuni and Vaishnavite Acharyas Dvarakesh Lal and Yadunath.

This idea was promoted by Kapol International Trade Entrepreneurs.

The news says that it will promote secularism.

My comments:
Well, if these Jains really love secularism, they should establish idols of Gautam Buddha, Shiv Shankar, Jesus and Mary etc. also. They should not hesitate to put photographs of Mecca and Madina on the walls in the temple. But they will never do it. Their so called secularism is limited to Vaishnavites. Many members of the sect involved in such activities are Hindutwa minded and work according to the wish of RSS. Such Jains are always under pressure of Bramhinism.

Finally, RSS won! A secret letter of RSS circulated in 1994 said that idols of Rama or Krishna should be established in Jain temples. Now these Jains have actually fulfilling RSS wish.

Garv Se Kaho Hum Hindu Hai!

-Mahavir Sanglikar
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  1. Pawandham is not only a Jain temple but its a sarvdharm Worship place where You can find there maa Sarswati's Murty as well as Gautam Buddha's statue,Also can see there a wheel showing different religious symbol viz cross for christianity,Om for Shiv Shankar, Ek Omkar for Sikhism Etc.. Also to tell you that Krishna is going to be tirthankar in next chovishi thats the reason Jain Monk Namramuni has done the sthapana of Radha Krishna IDOL. And there is no guys from RSS. The land for pawandham is given by a Vaishnav.

  2. Krishna is not a veetaragi bhagwan in the present day state... worshiping Krishna as a teerthankar today should be an incorrect thing. the same is applicable to all other idols. a Jain temple should only have digambar idol of a teerthankar. get your facts cleared Mr. 'Hotel Highway Residency' and please accept that some of the so called Jains are definitely falling to the pressure of Brahminical forces. Jai Jinendra !!

  3. I am irritated by the fact that people have lost the sense of Jainism is a religion and is not a part of Hinduism.

    If one wants there is always a temple or church for worshiping all non-jain gods. Mr or ms Hotel Highway Residency please understand the fact Jain people also need identity. This is the reason why Jains are diminishing. Have you seen any other religion which keeps Jain idols ( in their church/mosque/temple?) so frequently like Jains do? Because they are not like Jain people they have sense of identity and know that secularlism is. secularlism does not grow by keeping idols of other religion's god or goddess in places of one's faith, but in the fact that living together peacefully.
    I hope anyone agrees the fact. And yes as Shashank said ''please accept that some of the so called Jains are definitely falling to the pressure of Brahminical forces''.

    And watch out christian missionaries slowly but swiftly converting people to their faith. Then the same people (like example Hotel Highway Residency) will have identity as well as 1 god. Then they will not expect to have Jain idols or even krishna for that matter to be in church beside christ.


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