Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moodbidri Jain Swamiji calls for removal of ignorance

By Team Mangalorean- California

Milpitas(CA), August 10, 2010: The swamiji of Moodbidri jain Math HH Charukirthi Bhattaraka Panditacharyavarya took part in the decennial celebrations of the Milpitas Jain Mandir here on Tuesday.

He was the chief guest in the programme organised by the Jain committee of California to inaugurate the new Yag mandal vidhan and inauguration of newly constructed Samosarana mandir.

In his benediction speech the swamiji said that "Samosaran represents human attainment of keval gyana and preach and teach all the creatures including animals and human beings. The Lord teaches how to attain moksha and how to live with each other in harmony and world peace, compassion, live and let live policy is very important in our life, swamiji said.

He further added "Samosaran means equality, friendship, and removal of ignorance and getting the good knowledge in the omniscient person, right faith, right knowledge and right character. There is no colour, no creed, no small and big who is heartly very kind and good, they only reach samosarana. So today, first time in USA, Samosarana has been built for the world peace and friendship" Moodbidri Swamiji said.

On this auspicious occasion, all religious leaders, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and Budhist were present and gave their wishes. The City Mayor presented the Jain Mandir President, Pravin Jain with a memento and Manish Mishra, Vidhan Acharha, Manoj Haran, Prof. Deepak Jain of Kellog School of Management. More than 1000 people attended this auspicious function.

According to spokesman for the temple Mr Sunil Vora there were prayers led by monks and scholars visiting from India. He said the celebrations and the parade also helped in creating awareness about the temple, and Jainism.

Milpitas Mandir known officially as the Jain Center of Northern California, it is just one of two Jain temples in the state; the other is in Los Angeles. Nationwide, there are about 65 Jain temples, known as bhawans, or community halls.


  1. swasthi shree charukeerthi swamiji moodbidri says very nice!!
    it is really true divine words!!!
    congrats mr chavan

  2. great swamiji, really your words true
    we all are bow for good vertues
    mr adinath, banglore,india


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