Saturday, December 5, 2009

Demand of Minority Status for Jains Worthy: RSS Chief

Demand of Minority Status for Jains Worthy: RSS Chief

“Jains are demanding minority status on national level. This demand is worth” This statement is not from any Jain leader, but from the RSS supreme Mohan Bhagwat!

In a function held at Godiji Parshwanath Mandir of Pune, Bhagwat said that Jains should get national minority status as soon as possible.

He was speaking on a question raised by Shripal Lalwani, a member of Arihant Jagruti Munch of Pune. The question was, “If Buddhists and Sikhs have got national minority status, why Jain community yet has not gotten it in spite of a long time demand?”

Bhagwat’s statement given in front of public is very important as Hindutwa people, including some so-called Jains have been always opposed to the minority status of Jain community.


  1. This is a good news. Hope Jains will get their right soon.

  2. yes, Jains have hindu gods and best practice ahimsa, truth, good business values, protect cow slaughter, thats why I like jains. and they must get reservation as dharma if not in hindu can be protected as a jain


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