Friday, June 19, 2009

Jain Group - LA Celebrates Silver Jubilee


ANAHEIM, CA - The Jain Social Group Los Angeles (JSG-LA)went all out to celebrate its landmark 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee in style at the Sheraton Park Hotel Anaheim Resort on June 13. The huge ballroom where the banquet was held was filled to capacity with members of the community.

The event began with the singing of the ‘Navkar Mantra’. The Vice President of the group Mihir Gandhi made the opening remarks and announced the theme of the evening “Friendship, Harmony and A Positive Attitude.” After this lighting of the lamp, he and co-emcee Priti Khara continued the proceedings. Gandhi pointed out that though it started small it had grown to become a strong entity because of the integrity of the its members which vigorously supported its vision to provide a platform to promote friendship and foster harmony. Narrating short stories titled “ Build your life” and “ The window” Khara reemphasized the importance of doing one’s very best in every endeavor all the time and the need to first look at oneself before jumping to criticize others.

In his talk to the members, President Pradip Dalal proceeded to list some of the many achievements of JSC-LA through the years prominent of which were several medical camps, Diwali programs and starting the celebration of Valentine’s Day. To foster family togetherness he said the group had also organized cultural programs, overnight trips and had also promoted talented artists from India and in Los Angeles. He added the group supports all the activities of the Jain Center and always discharges its charitable duties to those affected by disasters, not only in India but in the US too. He had a special word of appreciation for Bharathbhai and Chandrakantbhai of Jaybharat and its team, who had always produced the best cuisine for all its functions.

The keynote speaker was the Founder President of JSG-LA Mahendra Khandar who took the audience on a nostalgic journey of the group from the time the idea was initiated in 1983 by his elder brother Kishorebhai Khandar in Mumbai. He reminded all that while it might primarily be a social unit, it follows every tenet laid down by Mahavira, the Tirthankaras and Acharyas. Working hand in hand with the Jain Center, he said, JSG-LA had contributed to the Center’s Jain Bhavan building project and supported its causes. He acknowledged the contributions of every President, each of who, he said, had played a unique role in the Chapter’s growth and added it was during Anil Shah’s tenure that it registered an explosive growth and it was Pradip Dalal who had brought about stability and unity within the group. In closing he said he hoped every member would follow Mahavir’s advice to achieve a life of contentment which is to keep life simple and to be happy, which can only be earned by making others happy by serving them with compassion and love.

During the evening Pradip Dalal presented the President’s award to his Vice President Mihir Gandhi for his outstanding effort and dedication. Dr Nitin Shah, the sponsors, Ashok Savla, Arvind Joshi, Chandrakant Patel, Shashi Jogani and Subodh Sheth were recognized.

The entertainment for the evening was provided by young Kruti Shah, who opened with a enchanting dance item which was followed by an amusing stand up routine by comedian Patrick Hanifin. These items preceded the official segment of the evening after which L.A. crooner Charanjeet and his ensemble and Sarika provided the gathering with a wide selection of Bollywood music.

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