Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jamir calls for efforts to revive individual philanthropy

Mumbai , Feb 28

Expressing concern over the declining practice of philanthropy, Maharashtra Governor S C Jamir today called for collective efforts to revive individual and collective philanthropy. Jamir said that philanthropy could play a significant role in advancing social equity and bridging the rich-poor divide.

He also released a postage stamp in memory of well-known philanthropist, industrialist and social worker, the late Harakh Chand Nahata issued by the postal department at Raj Bhavan.

Jamir said members of Jain community to which Nahata belonged had done remarkable social and philanthropic work in the form of building schools, hospitals, sanatoriums and dharam shalas across the country.

Nahata was a distinguished social leader and was associated with more than 40 socio-religious organisations. Jamir lauded his contribution in the field of road transportation, which paved way for the economic development of Tripura and other Eastern states of India.

Born in 1932, Nahata was an entrepreneur and contributed to the field of social service, education, art and business. He died in 1999.

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  1. It's matter of great pround for whole of the jain community that communication ministry,govt. of india has issued postal stamp on Shri Harak Chand Ji Nahata for his commendable work done in the area of philantrophy.

    We all should take inspiration from shri nahata ji & walk on his footsteps to bring glory to our jain community.


    Siddharth Bothra
    Vice President
    All India Philatelist's Association


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