Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jain Nuns Support Hindu Terrorism

Jain Nuns Support Hindu Terrorism

Renowned Jain nuns Priti Sudha and Madhusmita have supported the anti Muslim activities of Sanatan Sanstha which is a Bramhin extremist organization involved in making bombs and using them against Muslims. Recently the Maharashtra Police has arrested some members of this organization in the bomb blast cases at Nanded, Parabhani and Thane.

Most of the members of this organization are from Chitpvan Bramhin community and the tolerant Hindus have nothing to do with it. While organizations like Jain Panthers, Sambhaiji Brigade, Chhaava and many others have already demanded to ban Sanatan Sanstha, it is a shameful thing that these Jain nuns have opposed the banning. In a statement, Priti Sudha has said, “Sanatan Sanstha is a patriotic Organization. If some people are working against the nation, Sanatan Sanstha responds. Tit for Tat is not a sin. It will be a wrong step if the Government bans this organization”

It should be noted that for Sanatan Sanstha, not only the Muslims and Christians are the enemies of India, but their list of enemies includes Jains and Buddhists also.

But there is no wonder that Priti Sudha supports Sanatan Sanstha as she loves Sanatan Vedik Dharma than Jainism. One can see her Sanatan views in her sermons and books. She believes in Varna and caste system. She believes that Bramhins are great and Shudrs should serve them. Her each sermon starts with reciting ‘Gurur Bramha Gurur Vishnu Gurur Deva Mahaeshwara’! In Jain words, she is just a Mithyatwi i.e. believer of false things..

Unfrotunately, most of the Jains, including monks and nuns, self styled leaders and commons have no common sense. So they do not know who are the foes and who are the friends. That is why they are sleeping with their enemies.

-Balasaheb Patil
Cell: 09096082940

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