Tuesday, March 18, 2008

After Delhi, Ahmedabad Jain sanghs might ban marriages at night

Express news service

Ahmedabad, March 16 The Jain sanghs in Ahmedabad may soon follow the precedent set up its counterparts in Delhi against solemnising marriages after dusk.

"This is a great move, which is being appreciated by the community here, but to pass such a resolution, a lot will depend on the Acharyas (religious leaders)," said Hemantbhai Broker, trustee Anandji Kalyanji Pedi. "We had a meeting at Surat today and the move by Delhi Jain bodies have generated a lot of appreciation there as well," he added. The Delhi Jain Mahasabha has passed a resolution banning marriages at night. The resolution had also banned organising marriage parties after dusk.
"While some people here already practiced this, no such institutionalised resolution to this effect was ever passed," said Babubhai K Shah, a Jain community leader from Ahmedabad. "However, this is a welcome move and we expect more people to follow suit," Shah said, adding that the rationale behind banning marriages at night stem from the Jain practice of not eating after sunset. "People are gradually getting more appreciative of the religious customs and if the Acharyas so decide, we are likely to have a similar resolution passed here as well," said Hemantbhai Broker.
Meanwhile, Acharya Naipadmasagar has appreciated the decision and is learnt to have expressed his desire to see the move being replicated all over Gujarat.

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