Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jainism: The Queen's diamond Jubilee celebration

News by Keshav Chandaria

We will like to share with you the successful event on 15th February where the Queen has recognised Jainism as one of the nine historical major faiths in Britain. Please find he attachments that speak for themselves. Please feel free to share this historical event with others including the media.

In UK, the nation is celebrating Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this year.

The nine historical major faiths (Christianity, Baha’i, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Sikh and Zoroastrian) celebrated this event by showing the treasures to Her Majesty & the Duke of Edinburgh and by gifting ‘A Year of Service’ to Her.

The Archbishop of Canterbury invited Her Majesty on the 15th of February to show the treasures of the respective faiths where Dr Natubhai Shah led the Jain delegation that included Mr Tushar Shah (President Oshwal Association UK), Mr Harshad Sanghrajka (Secretary IOJ) and Mr Kamal Mehta (Trustee Jain Samaj Europe). All Non-Christian faiths were treated equally and allowed 4 persons for the presentation.

Jains displayed the Kalpa Sutra, one of the most auspicious sacred text as their treasure.

The Department of Community and Local Government has initiated the faith led ‘A Year of Service’ to gift a social action project by the faith communities near their important sacred day. The attached chart gives the programme for each community. In November there will be national celebration of these gifts of ‘A Year of Service’.
Jains have been given the opportunity of visiting sick in April. The Jain community in the UK has been excited to be part of this celebration. We will visit a few hospitals and hospices in London, Leicester, Manchester and Birmingham. London Jains will visit 6 Hospitals, 2 Hospices and some housebound sick. Each visiting Jain group will consist of 6- 10 persons which will include health professionals, interfaith leaders and community leaders and volunteers. We hope to entertain the sick by instrumental music and giving gift of sweets or fruits.

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