Saturday, November 20, 2010

Articles invited for Jainology Blog

Articles invited for Jainology Blog
In recent few months, the Jainism Articles and Essays blog at has become very popular. So far more than 350 articles on various aspects of Jainology including archeology, history, sociology, biographies, literature, philosophy etc. have been published on this blog. Most of the articles on this blog are written by renowned scholars of Jainology and Indology.
The number of page views in last month (October 2010) was more than 20000. Most of the visitors to this blog come through search engines.  The highest numbers of visitors are from India, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia etc.  By the way, the average number of countries from where visitors are coming is 105. The visitors include scholars and students of Jainology, history &  indology; students of competitive examinations, writers, journalists and others.
We are looking for more articles for publishing on this blog. If wish to write for the blog, you are welcome. It is your chance to get a widespread readership. You can write on anything that is related to Jainolgy. The article must be scholarly.  Just have a look at the blog at  and you will get the idea about what we want.
Please send your articles as world document attached to email, with your contact details.  Send to

-Mahavir Sanglikar

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