Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Cowardice of Publisher of Ahimsa Times

The Cowardice of Publisaher of Ahimsa Times

Few months ago, Sanaatan Prabhaat, a mouthpiece of Sanatan Sanstha which promotes Hindu terrorism, had published a news about a Jain nun Priti Sudha in which she had blessed the Sanatan volunteers for success in their cause. Regarding it, I had released a news “Jains Nun Supports Hindu Terrorism” which was published by many national dailies like Times of India and others.

Reading the news, the Jain nun gave a clarification that she never supported terrorism of any kind and the Sanatan people had used her for their cause.

Ahimsa Times, an online monthly magazine also had published the news “Jains Nun Supports Hindu Terrorism”. But some Sanaatan people approached the publisher of Ahimsa Times, and the publisher begged for forgiveness. The publisher apologized in a written statement for publishing the news. The statement was published in July 2009 issue of Ahimsa Times and also in Sanaatan Prabhaat. Ahimsa Times says:

“In December 2008, we had received from one of our readers, some information about Sanatan Sanstha, Goa, a voluntary service organization. Presuming that the same could be true, it was placed in the December issue of Ahimsa Times. We were informed about this erroneous information by the executives / members of Sanatan Sansthan and we realized the errors & omissions. Immediately the objected subject / contents were removed from the news letter. While deeply regretting and apologising for the inadvertent error, we assure every one that, we never had the intention to hurt anyone or judge any one. On the contrary, we feel that institution like Sanatan Sansthan are doing a great job for the nation as a whole and making us live with pride. We wish Sanatan Sansthan and all its constituents all the success in their endeavor to serve the cause of humanity” -- Ahimsa Times.

It is just cowardice of Ahimsa Times Publisher. Remember that, the Sanaatan people didn’t dare to approach me in spite of my living in Pune, a major center of their activities. Many Marathi newspapers, even small newspapers from pune have published a lot of articles against Sanaatan, but the Sanaatan never dared to approach them.

By apologizing, the publisher of Ahimsa Times has kneeled down in front of the terrorists, who themselves are cowards.

What can we expect from such Jains who have forgotten that cowards cannot be Jains.

Now I would like to see what stand Ahimsa Times takes on the anti-Jain book published by Sanaatans of Gujarat, in which the Sanatans have compared Jain women with prostitutes. Please see my next mail regarding the book. Until then, please have a look on my news release: “Jains Nun Supports Hindu Terrorism” at:

-Mahavir Sanglikar
Founder President, Jain Panther, Pune
91 962 372 5249, 927 309 3122

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